I was touched by an Angel (Uber driver). I went out compulsive shopping (well don’t ask why, it’s because I recently moved house, and I’d been away from home for five straight weekends).

Well, to cut the long story short the person who was supposed to pick me up was a no show, and I’d to plan with Uber. So, I launch the App, and guess what, Uber notifies me that my driver is deaf or hard of hearing (Not the one in the featured image).

To be honest, I didn’t know what that statement meant, I almost asked silly Siri, the silly question, but on second mental recollection, I realized that my ride is to be chauffeured by a deaf Uber driver.

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Before I could even finish thinking Uber dropped me another message – “Your driver (so-and-so) has difficulty hearing.”

Uber account for the deaf driver
My Uber trip

Deaf Uber Driver!

I was puzzled, and wanted to cancel the trip, not just because the driver was deaf (well I might be guilty of that too) but being an official Google Map Maker, I know some locations are poorly mapped, and even worse some phones have inaccurate GPS proximity sensors.

I was imagining a scenario of the driver bouncing, and as well the hustle of directing a deaf driver.

But to my surprise, the driver arrived 8 minutes earlier in the parking, before I could even finish making the payments at the Supermarket counter.

He helped me carry my luggage into the boot. And, I hopped into his slick Honda CR-V, he then greeted me with a smile and pointed to the map on his phone, checking if he got my destination right.

I replied: “Yeah bruh”. I tapped him on the shoulder and signaled to him that I would like him to instead take an alternative route, and I’m not going to the destination I fed into the app (I always put a much more distant destination so the drivers never cancel my trips).

The journey that ensued in the next 17 minutes is one of the most enriching and yet humbling in my life. Words in fact not even sign language can describe what I was feeling.

What would my world be like?

Would I even have the courage to carry on living, would I even have a job, or even a family of my own? Thank you Mr.XXXXX for teaching me the positive attitude you’ve for this life even though you do not have hearing ability.

Sometimes in life, we get so upset or disappointed with issues that seem so big and important to us, but when we look at members of the community we live in or even work in, our problems can be taken to kindergarten school to learn how to be real problems.

Special thanks to Uber Uber Uganda for creating this job for everyone without discrimination! Oh, before I forget Techjaja has a free promo code: UBTECHJAJA for all first time Uber riders, this is not sponsored post but I feel a company like this one deserves all our love.