Top privacy issues in Windows 10 that you should know about

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Let’s face it we all love new things simply because of the pleasure that comes with having something you have always desired to have. That feeling can be compared to someone who is anxiously waiting for a football game over the weekend.

When it comes to technology, the tech minded people want something new ranging from the latest gadgets, software, and hardware among others. Now with the release of Windows 10 even your girlfriend will be like “baby I also want Windows 10” just because it’s the latest windows operating system from Microsoft. This means there is a new twist in the puzzle as hardware manufacturers, software developers, and all those in the development cycle have got to develop products to match the latest windows iterations.

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However, note that Windows 10 is a very powerful operating system– but it’s also very “Personal”, meaning it really wants to know you and through this it’s sharing a lot of your information ranging from what you browse on the internet, contacts, events etc.

These are some top privacy issues in Windows 10 that you should address before creating that close connection with your system.

  1. Microsoft privacy policy/statement

The fact is there a few people who take time to read the privacy statement of the various software that they use and it should be noted that “I have read and agreed the terms and conditions of this product” (insert an LOL here) this has been considered as one of the top most told lie around the world.

Microsoft has made it very clear on what information they collect and how they use it. They have introduced a lot of interesting things like advertising, retention, data collected.

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  1. Cortana monitors it all

Cortana is just another spy embedded in your machine, in the sense that once it’s turned on to provide personalized experience, Microsoft collects a lot of data ranging from your location, calendar, apps that you use your contacts and how often you interact with them oops that’s a lot of information to trust with any other person apart from yourself. More to this Cortana analyses speech by collecting your voice input. Now this is a weird position for Microsoft since not so long ago they were hammering Google with their “Scroogled” campaign, which they closed down recently.

For a little privacy it’s advisable to limit what Cortana collects from your system.


  1. Your browser history is being synchronized by default.

Today many people have gone incognito while surfing the internet simply because at one point while browsing pirate bay or kickass there is a lady who shows up in the top corner of the webpage and trust me very few people will leave this situation to go unattended before clicking to explore and see what happens.

Knowing that someone is monitoring your browsing data is one of the ways that can cause you a panic attack, damn you would wish someone else to know that you visit those PG Rated websites. So be sure to change the setting of how windows 10 controls your browsing settings.


  1. Advertisers can track your activities

Windows 10 is too personal, I mean a lot of personal information such as contacts, location are all collected and the truth is that every company will promise not to disclose the information we share with them but at some point advertisers have found ways of accessing this information and make us their advertising targets basing on what we surf while on the internet as well as basing on our locations.


  1. Microsoft account

Microsoft requires you to have an account through which your information is either synchronized or stored online. So it’s best to use windows 10 with a local account just to avoid the issues of having all your information stored on the Microsoft servers.


  1. Encryption key is backed up on one drive.

You should be aware that when you turn on device encryption, windows 10 automatically backs up your generated encryption key to your One Drive account. This should not call for an alarm but how ever one should take note that in case of a data breach your encryption key might end up in the wrong hands hence releasing the information in your chamber of secrets.

  1. Wi-Fi sense

This is yet another cool feature in windows 10 which allows you to connect to suggested Wi-Fi hotspots and share a network connection with your contacts. This means that windows 10 can look out for your Outlook, Skype, and Facebook Friends and once you are connected to your wireless network it can start immediately sharing information with those contacts.

This might not be a very desirable feature most especially those who are not so much faithful in a friendly relationship because in your absence you don’t wish some classified information to be accessed without clearance.

We hope that this information is informative and will help you stay safe while enjoying the Windows 10 experience.