People often find cutting the cord more convenient and why not, online streaming is much easier than relying on cable. Streaming your favorite shows from the place of your choosing is incredibly convenient, and besides, being able to switch to different streaming services is a must-have. This isn’t the only reason since the expense of a cable service too is a huge contributing factor. Convenience served cheap, what else do you need? But before you move ahead and hail praise for the flexibility of online streaming offers, there are a number of factors you must consider before switching from traditional TV to online streaming:

Not everything is accessible!

If you are of the view that you can access every show online with ease, then you will be sorely disappointed. Not every show aired on cable is available on streaming services. Channels have some exclusivity rights that allow them to make money and they will surely not let this revenue stream slip from their hands. HBO, for example, has its streaming channel, HBO Go that allows users to watch their favorite shows online, but there’s a catch – you’ll need a verified subscription. Now, if you want to access popular shows somewhere else, you won’t find them. This is a restriction imposed geographically to stop people from other regions of the world from accessing the shows, in the name of copyright infringement.

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The wait will test your nerves!

It is not possible for you to access a show online while it’s being broadcasted on TV simultaneously. The official broadcasters don’t approve a title for live streaming until the entire season has already been aired on TV. So, if you want to watch a series or a show like Game of Thrones, you may have to wait before it’s available online. Same goes for movies, and if it’s a blockbuster, it might take a year to be released online. The official distributors and broadcasters do that to boost CD/DVD/Blu-ray sales and to prevent piracy. Obviously, since they have invested a hefty amount, they would want to squeeze every drop of profit from their investment. So once again, users seeking convenience will have to be patient.

Ads are there as well!

Some people switch to online streaming as they don’t like to see ads in between shows. Well, the case isn’t different here as well. You subscribe to a streaming provider and while enjoying a show an ad suddenly pops up. So, all your efforts to avoid ads will go in vain. This is done for obvious reasons. Users don’t pay enough to online streaming service providers, and they need to boost their revenue streams. Ads help them achieve their revenue goals; so streaming providers tend to run more and more ads.

Exclusivity agreements!

Just in case you have difficulty in understanding this, recall the case of Netflix and Starz Network. Netflix and Starz Network had a deal, according to which Netflix had the rights to stream movies online broadcasted by Starz Network on cable. The agreement was going smooth until Starz demanded an increase and Netflix had to cancel the contract. The result of which was a huge number of movies being dropped from Netflix and users had to search for a new medium. So, this shift in agreements can create a hurdle for users who end up suffering the most.

Get additional streams to enjoy!

Online streaming providers have grown smart after realizing how smart the users have become. People like to share account details in a family or friend circle, so everyone can watch their favorite shows, movies, and series simultaneously. Potentially sharing the same account isn’t possible now as online streaming providers have limited the number of video streams and connected devices. So, in case everyone wants to enjoy on their own, they will need an additional account to do so.

Data caps from internet service providers

Streaming online isn’t a piece of cake for users as they not only have to do deal with streaming service providers but also the internet service providers. People who love to watch high definition videos have to suffer the most. Simply because HD videos consume a significant amount of data bandwidth and to ensure quality service to all the customers, internet service providers put data caps. So, no matter how fast your service is, you may end up exceeding your data caps. The most common example is the mobile data contracts of Smartphone users who are offered unlimited data with a hidden limit.

Is it all that bad?

We have already entered 2017 and the craze to stream online is still the same. The challenges above are also there to ruin your online experience, but it isn’t that bad. You can always find solutions to overcome such issues. And, as it’s already being said, users seek convenience served cheap, for which the most efficient solution available is a VPN.  A VPN is a whole new story but to be precise, it masks your identity and allows you to stream anything online with ease. You are most likely to encounter these challenges while streaming online. A VPN will help you overcome these and other digital hurdles in a matter of clicks.