Top 13 most popular Ugandan musicians in the world according to Facebook

Top 13 Ugandan Musicians on Facebook

In a time where terms like Facebook and Twitter are everyday lingo, social media and online presence has never been so vital. The popularity of a musician is no longer measured by the kilometers of “word” space in your favorite tabloid HELLO… 3AM. Today, Musicians are expected to have not only a presence in the real world but in the online world and for a country like Uganda, no other online populace validates the premise like Facebook.

As of the first quarter of 2015, Facebook has 1.44 billion monthly active users. With 38.6% of the global online population using Facebook and growing exponentially by every clock tick, this social networking site and digital epidemic is upon us. Fans from all over the world are now demanding relationships with their favorite musicians on these social networking sites especially with Facebook after the cataclysmal death of Myspace.

About a fortnight ago, we decided to dig up the demographics on Uganda Musicians by specific country of origin of their likes. Keep in mind we only used their official Facebook pages. A few digital media consultants will refute the power of the Facebook thumbs-up button but for this particular data analytics jaunt, it was only appropriate to break down the demographics by country, continent or even region. At least many of you who are reading this article online and not straight from the printer (you just never know who reads these pieces) will affirm the analogue about the Facebook thumbs up button. Consider a “Facebook Like” as the wordless nod of support in a loud room. It’s the easiest of yesses, I-agrees, and me-toos .

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We’ve got you all the metrics, so heave your empty platitudes and praise for a particular artist and take some time to look at the different info graphic representations by Country, Region, Continent and World at large. These are the top 13 most popular Ugandan musicians in the world according to Facebook likes.

Likes from Uganda


We will start with the cliché who’s the most liked Ugandan musician by Ugandans living in Uganda. Bebecool leads the pack by far with over 70.9% of his Facebook fans originating from Uganda at 219,944 likes Maurice Kirya comes in a distant second at 137323, Juliana Kanyomozi at 125563, DR. JOSE Chameleone at 109,907, Eddy Kenzo at 106,350, Desire Luzinda at 92,230 and notably the following group is more international than local and have more likes from the diaspora, that’s Ugandan-British soul musician Michael Kiwanuka at 669, Reggae artist Apollo Kagimu at 6425 and Angella Katatumba at 27568.

Likes from Swahili speaking countries


Over the years there’s been lots of love for our Musicians from our brothers and sisters in Kenya and Tanzania but in graph above see who could be the most loved Ugandan artist in Kenya and Tanzania. Surprisingly Juliana Kanyomozi leads the pack at a distant 118903 likes (this could be partly because she’s a judge in the Tusker Project Fame E.A competition) then the usual suspect DR JOSE Chameleone 79842 comes second and BebeCool comes in 3rd at 40423, Keko and the rest follow as in the graph however its notable that Angella Katatumba, Apollo Kagimu, Michael Kiwanuka have very insignificant numbers also notable Bobi Wine seems to also have only 3693 likes from these two countries which we find a little odd.

Likes from Central and Eastern Africa Apart from Kenya and Tanzania


The countries considered were Burundi, Sudan, South, Sudan, Ethiopia, Dr.Congo, Congo, and Somalia.

It’s also notable that Rwanda and South Sudan have the biggest love (liking) for Ugandan musicians. Rwanda at 32320 and South Sudan at 16589.Bebecool leads the pack, DR. JOSE Chameleone , Juliana Kanyomozi and Eddy Kenzo in fourth but its notable that Eddie Kenzo has significant traffic in Democratic Republic of the Congo and Congo Brazzaville which I think is a great thing for the music industry.

Likes from West and North Africa


The following countries were considered Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Benin, Mali, Togo, Guinea, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. Notable significant traction originates from Egypt and Nigeria for most of the other musician besides Eddie Kenzo who has spread thru love (liking) from all the North and West African countries listed above.

Likes from Southern Africa (Including South Africa)


The following countries were considered South Africa, Zambia, Botswana, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Nambia, Mozambique. Eddie Kenzo and Keko seem to be leading the pack with spread out traction from all the listed countries. Michael Kiwanuka , Angella Katatumba, Apollo Kagimu are nonexistent. However significant traction seems to originate from SouthAfrica and Zambia.

Likes from Europe

The following countries were considered Turkey,Russia,UK,Sweden,Germany,Netherlands,Denmark,France,Norway,Italy,Spain,Belgium,Portugal,Azerbaijan,Georgia,Bulgaria,Cyprus,Serbia,Ukraine,Romania,Poland,Hungary,Czech Republic,Bulgaria and Finland .Significant traction seems to originate from Turkey at 210407 for all the musican but Angella Katatumba has over 53.7% that’s 168379 likes from Turkey which accounts to 80.02% of all the likes from Turkey its notable theres a great traction from United Kingdom , Germany ,France ,Netherlands and Sweden.

However Angella Katatumba,Michael Kiwanuka and Apollo Kagimu dwarf their counterpart with their gigantic traction ,its notable that Eddie Kenzo and Bebe Cool come close to represent their other counterparts (Uganda based artists).EuropeLikes


Likes from North America

The following countries were the only ones considered United States Of America and Canada .Again Micheal Kiwanuka dwarfs every other artist with a gigantic 31228 likes and distant second is Angella Katatumba at 7384 , Juliana Kanyomozi at 5771 ,Bebe Cool at 5114, Eddy Kenzo at 5013 but Bobi Wine comes at the bottom of the list followed by Keko who many think should have siginificant traction from USA and Canada.


Likes from South America

The following countries were considered Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Chile and Uruguay. Again Angella Katatumba,Apollo Kagimu and Michael Kiwanuka dwarf the other musicians but Eddy Kenzo posts a significant traction but the rest of the other musicians don’t have significant traction.


Likes from Asia

Asia likes

The following countries were considered India, Japan, Pakistan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia,Kuwait,Qatar,China,Bangladesh,UAE,Philipines,Indonesia,Thailand,Vietnam,Kazakhstan,Iraq,Ecuador,Jordan,Oman,Lebanon and Iraq. Angella Katatumba leads the pack while Apollo Kagimu and Bebecool come in the distant second and third repectively.Notable significant traction originates from India,Malaysia ,Phillipines and United Arab Emirates.

And lastly the info graphic below shows the overall top Ugandan musicians in the world according to Facebook.

OverallScore facebook likes