Top 10 Ugandan females you must follow on Twitter

Ugandan women on twitter

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This Techjaja Geekweek Wednesday, we want to come out and celebrate ladies on twitter who keep us crushing on them. We celebrate their ability to drive different discussions   in just 14o characters. They are in no particular order, but in one way or the other are the best at what they do.


1. Sheila Nduhukire @SnduhukireSheila Nduhukire

You have most definitely seen that beauty of a Diva reading the @ntvuganda news eloquently well and arousing a lot of enthusiasm among the viewers. She has mastered the art of impeccably and reliably informing her ardent and loyal followers about whatever is happening in the political world on the local scene under her @Snduhukire twitter handle.

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Are you wondering why you should follow this lovely diva on Twitter? Well its simple, Sheila Nduhukire has articulately mastered the art of breaking down the latest news as they evolve on social media and unlike other tweeps, she does its in a very simple compelling way.

Among one of the very few women journo that has her twitter account verified and standing at 22.5k followers, numbers don’t lie @Snduhukire is a must follow.

Political Reporter an Anchor with | Exceptionally Curious | Ambivert | Chess Player

JoanNe N Nvannungi

2. JoanNe N Nvannungi @she_infinite

Like her handles states, Joan covers infinity topics on her social media account. She is like the go to of the exclusive events happening around Kampala. She breaks news before the big media houses do. So if you are looking to stay updated on the latest proggie around Kampala, follow her already.

Bio: Christian|IT|Social Media|Food|Chemistry

Grace Natabaalo



3. Grace Natabaalo @Natabaalo

Yet another beautiful monster and Social Media Junkie that has nailed the art of twitting. Ladies and gents I give you @Natabaalo! Not a new face to whatever am talking about but a fancy lady in the game of twitter. She tweets a lot about lifestyle and politics. She will give a detailed opinion about any situation that is of a great satisfaction to her followers.

Bio: Programme Assoc @the African centre For Media Excellence| Journalist| Crazy about social Media and Life.

Siima K K Sabiti

4. Siima K K Sabiti @Kanyindo

Have you caught the early morning show on X-fm? Oh take a while and listen to it just for a while. Well if you have then you will certainly tell that the lady behind the voice by the names Siima Sabiti is another chunk of all trades. She’s a woman of all seasons and truly not only an inspiration but also a role model to those that have read her blogs and micro-blogs under the @Kanyindo handle on Twitter.

Bio: Radio Presenter, Creative Director. Music Addict, Flute Player. Bibliophile. Views expressed belong to me and the little people living in my head.

5. Irene Ikomu @miss_rizzy

Irene Ikomu


Ask me of someone bold enough yet articulate to challenge the US president and I can think of none other than Irene. Commonly known as the lady who changed US-AFRICA Relations, Irene will give you the latest information on open governance.

Bio: Coordinator @pwatchug | @WashFellowship 2014 | @ug_lawsociety Young Female Lawyer of the Year 2014| #Opengov fellow 2015 | *Retweets NOT endorsements*

6. Patricia Kahill @Pkahill

Patricia Kahill

In her own words “I have no self-talent but am driven by curiosity and passion.” Patricia is the redefines what being acumen in Social Media is in the Uganda Industry. Under her company( Kahill Insights), She has managed to land the biggest social media campaign partnerships with the Big dogs, because she uses social media to influence positively.

Bio: Social Media Marketing | Content Creator and Marketer | Social Reporter | God’s friend | @Kahillnsights| Curiosity&Passion Driven | Because I can, I will!

7. Evelyn Masaba @NoirEnBlancaEvelyn Masaba

Looking for someone to remind you that is okay to be opionated regardless of how much it keeps you on the edge, follow your truly @NoirEnBlanca and you will receive it in black and white. She has no time taking you through the fifty shades of grey.

8. Sarah Kagingo…@SarahKagingo

Sarah KagingoI had a dream that @SarahKagingo was a verified account and well, I wasn’t wrong. How can you be the president’s hand that tweets and have nothing to differentiate you from the supposed bigwigs on Ugandan Twitter Streets? The Ugandan president is not just a leader he is a singer, a writer and a lot of things, and Sarah Kagingo is your eye inside and out of statehouse and pertains the President.

Bio: PR Authority


9. Evely Namara. @enamara

One person who constantly oozes her love for technology in just 140 characters. She makes you think being techy is better than being a Kardashian. She is celebrating for having a handing in boosting the women in technology sector in the country. Twitter better verify her account already.

Evely Namara

Bio: Passionate about Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Women in Tech, Empowering Youth & EdTech. Acumen & IDEX fellow, Change Agent ABIE Award ’12, ISOC IGF Ambassador

10. Viola Nuwaha @vnuwahaViola Nuwaha

Because we can’t help crushing on our own Lady Jaja, ….

Bio: Big on ✽ #GirlsInICT ✽ #ICT4D & #m4D Ug @Farmradio ✽ Social Media @Techjaja









Co Authored by : Enywaru Piusantos

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