TL;DR: VoIP in Uganda, do Operators need a license?

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[/blockquote] VoIP in Uganda (Voice over Internet Protocol) is considered simply as another form of voice service like we have 2G GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) or tradition landline service. VoIP is therefore an acceptable service in Uganda for personal and public use. We have seen telecos like Smile Telecom come out to use their existing data 4G-LTE networks for VoLTE (Voice over LTE) or VoIP calls. Generally UCC has no limitations on those who want to offer VoIP services in Uganda.

Which license does your company need?

Although most people generally talk of VoIP, the use of the Internet to carry or provide voice takes on different forms. In Uganda we look at these three;

  1. If what a customer receives from you is a voice service similar to the conventional personal/organizational telephone service (fixed or mobile phone), then a company will require a PSP (Public Service Provider) – Voice and Data license.
  2. If what you are offering is a calling card or pre-paid (meaning that the person does not use any or all the credit/airtime there and then in your shop) pay phone system, then you require a PSP – Capacity Resale license
  3. If you are offering public payphone kiosk services using VoIP or have customers using VoIP applications available on the Internet as they surf, then you are eligible for General Authorization licensing.