Three senior Airtel executives leave the company

Airtel Money Director Mr. Paul Langlois

Uganda’s smartphone network is bidding farewell to three of its senior executives including; the Marketing Director Mr. Prasoon Lal, Mr. Diego Pacheco, the Chief Commercial Officer and Mr. Paul Langlois (in featured image above), the Airtel Money Director. It is a rare scene to have a trio of senior executive members of staff leave the company.

Langlois, will move to France to be closer to his wife and family, a revelation he made while speaking to Airtel Staff. The CCO Mr. Diego Pacheco told staff that;  “For the years I have worked at Airtel, I have seen the brand grow from a newly-merged telecom to the second largest player in the Uganda telecommunications industry. As I move on to a new challenge, I wish the team well as they continue to strive towards becoming the number one telecom in Uganda.”

The Marketing Director Mr. Prasoon Lal said that he will be taking on a ” fantastic opportunity ” in an undisclosed company and he seemed like he couldn’t wait to go for these greener pastures.  The Managing Director Mr. Anwar Soussa, thanked the three gentlemen for serving the big red telco despite having made a very strong decision to leave the teleco especially in this time when the competition in the telecom sector is vert cut-throat. Airtel will soon be looking for applicants to fill their positions when they leave, the MD added.