This week @Techjaja (Week 6 2014)

Another week of techjaja news, reviews, feature stories and opinions. Week 6 2014 brings in Facebook’s 10th  anniversary, Apple’s luck runs out and it got sued,  24 returns with Jack Bauer with some teaser trailers, Microsoft gets a new CEO of India decent not that it’s a big deal and more teasers from Airtel. Without further or do lets dive in.

Airtel Teases free Twitter, Whats App and Facebook combo: Leaves Subscribers skeptical

By Farooq Gessa  Twitter @mousalgf

The best things are for free’ and surely Airtel Uganda knows have to keep those freebies coming, The carrier mid last month launched it’s free Facebook for all platform and they seem to keep going. According to the the teaser image, they will soon have twitter and Whats App as part of that the together we can campaign.

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Watch This: Teaser of the upcoming season of 24 with beloved Jack Bauer

By Roger Bambino @rogekk

It’s a public secret by now that 24 is coming back in May, this comes four years after the last eighth season. We can now get to see some trailers of the upcoming 12-episode run. To break away from the usual traditional format this season will be a “limited television event” — titled Live Another Day .

The Processor in Apple’s latest products infringes on our patents: University of Wisconsin

By Techjaja Staff  @techjaja

Apple has been sued !! The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) has filed suit against the biggest tech company, citing that all the latest Apple products including the iPhone 5S, iPad mini with Retina Display, and iPad Air having the A7 processor are all benefit from an information processing system developed at the University of Wisconsin – Madison and patented in 1998.

Watch this: Facebook 10 year anniversary celebrated with a personalised ‘Look Back’ video

By Farooq Gessa  Twitter @mousalgf

We have just posted our own reflection of 10 years using Facebook in Uganda, and seems the Social giant has something else for us. Today, hundreds of millions of Facebook users will receive a notification that a video summary of their life so far on Facebook is ready to watch. You will get your own “loop back” that shows 5 or so of their most-liked photos, statuses, and life events. And if you look hard, you’ll find Mark Zuckerberg’s signature below each video.

A Decade of Facebooking in Uganda

By Roger Bambino @rogekk

This week today, Facebook celebrates 10years of rocking our social media frenzy. I have had lots of friends who have joined and divorced the platform, some have met via Facebook and gotten married, as for break ups I don’t want to start. Lots have been stalked, blocked, poked the list is endless, the great stories are when people transact successful businesses via this social media platform; and that always puts a smile on my face. So expect some kind of big deal celebrations from Facebook outpouring reflection of its past and speculation about its future.