This Wearable Technology could be the future of SIM cards

wearble SIM technology

SIM Cards to soon be extinct

wearble SIM technology

Japan biggest mobile operator Docomo, has announced the world’s first SIM-based authentication device — in layman terms, it uses a wireless technology that replaces your phone’s SIM card and behaves as a login for other services. Currently in  prototype form, Docomo’s Portable SIM has Bluetooth, NFC, and SIM technology into a unit around the size of a VISA card. There are plans to reduce it’s size and will be used in wearable electronics, like bracelets according to the carrier.

This device was shown off at this week’s Mobile Asia Expo in Shanghai, Docomo representatives showed how it can enable SIM-less phones to make calls and switch identities with a simple tap. It eliminates the need to have multiple SIMs as by touching the Portable SIM device to a phone will transfer its caller ID, with the capability to switch entire home screens. You could also use one Portable SIM to unlock your personal data on multiple devices, like a smartphone and tablet.

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The patented technology can also store credentials for other services and serve as a universal password keychain. You will be able to login into services like  Amazon and Google also plans to make compatible PC software available. More future plans include expanding to things like cars and electronic door locks. For security, the Portable SIM authentication is severed if the Bluetooth connection is lost.

Image Credit: The Verge