This SmileVoice application will enable Smile Telecom customers make voice calls


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Smile Telecom is soon launching their Voice over LTE (VoLTE) service in Uganda. The crystal clear HD voice service will enable all existing and new Smile subscribers talk to each other over the company’s 4G LTE data network. Calls from 4G networks are voice-over-IP cellular based just like Skype or WhatsApp calls unlike the traditional circuit switched (CS) based calls from regular 2G and 3G networks and hence clear audio fidelity is perceived by the customer. One of the biggest set back for Smile Telecom was how they will enable customers with none 4G handsets capable of VoLTE  be able to make calls over the 4G network. There are a handful of smartphones that support VoLTE, so Smile Telecom has released an Android SmileVoice application  to sort out this issue.

The SmileVoice application was developed by Smile for their customers in Nigeria, Uganda and Tanzania and enables anyone with a Smile number make clear and reliable voice(VoIP) calls when connected to their 4G LTE internet service or any other mobile network. The app will also enable customers to make video calls, and conference calls and send SMS messages to their friends and family on any network, anywhere in the world. And anyone can call you too – just give them your SmileVoice number and they can call and SMS you. In anticipation of the new service just download the FREE SmileVoice Application on your mobile and activate the SmileVoice service after it is officially launched.

Official launch of Smile VoLTE service is expected end of this month, as the company still works on interconnecting with MTN, Africell and Vodafone.  So far, you can call Airtel, UTL and vice versa. It should also be worth noting that calls will be charged off your data bundle. This means you have one bundle for data, sms and calls.