This new Samsung battery technology could double your smartphone longevity

removable battery samsung_2

We nowadays carry around portable smartphone battery packs to keep our phones working till the day ends. Samsung researchers have developed a new Samsung battery technology could double your smartphone’s battery life, Using lithium-ion batteries, the new technologist canĀ  extending battery life on a nanoscale.

The new Samsung battery technology uses a silicon anode for enhanced electrical capacity; additionally, they added thin layers of graphene on the battery’s surface. The researchers found they could optimize the silicon anode’s performance by anchoring graphene on top of silicon nanoparticles. Now, as the silicon expands it can slide between the adjacent layers of graphene particles, preserving the silicon’s durability.

Graphene’s two-dimensional carbon structure lends itself a wide array of scientific discoveries and has attracted $1.35 billion in research funding from the Graphene Flagship Consortium.

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In day-to-day use, the researchers found their method created energy densities 1.5 to 1.8 times higher than traditional Li-On batteries. This theoretically means that a device with a 13-hour battery life could go a full 24 hours without a charge, due to these new batteries.