This new Quickload app aims to solve your Airtime loading problems

Quickload Airtime loader app

Quickload Airtime loader app

There is surely an app for everything, the latest innovation from ZeeMark studios is an app to help out Ugandan Airtime buyers quickly load their phones with credit on the go. Quickload app is an app that will help those who are tired of hustling reading and punching in airtime card digits. After scratching the airtime card, fire up this Airtime loading app you will be prompted to fill in the usual number before the airtime digits for example 130 for MTN or Orange customers.  Also the app requires you to fill in the network to which the scratch card belongs to e.g Airtel, click NEXT and simply hold up the airtime card behind the camera, while focusing it inside the scan box and hit the scan button. The app will display the numbers on the screen allowing you to edit them in case of an error and load the airtime (see screenshots below). We tried the app and it seems to work as described.

The app works on all Android phones and you can download it from the Google Play Store. Both iOS or Windows versions are under development as the developers told us in a tweet.

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Since most Ugandans use Android smartphones, we are sure to expect a fair share of feedback with this Android version of the app. For future versions we hope such apps can progress to scanning the QR codes on these airtime cards so that users don’t even need to scratch them to begin with. But for a version 1.0 its a great begging in the right direction.




  • JON @segujer

    An app fro everything indeed!!!!! le me hope it doesn’t get nasty along the way!!