This new do Vibe app aims to change our social networking culture


Launching today is an early beta (early development) social app known as doVibe. This app joins several other social networking apps on the Google Play store and the Apple App Store, but what makes it unique is the fact that it’s Ugandan made and aims to change the way you socialize on your smartphone.  You can use the app on any 3G, 4G -LTE and wifi network and it’s available free on the app store.

This App comes with some new fresh ideas that clearly aim to change the way we social network.  The App uses special features like vibes, nudges and more coupled with an intuitive and fun user interface to allow you to get just a little bit closer to the people who matter in your life-like never before. The first time you sign in, be ready to surrender your phone number (just like you do on Whats App) and thereafter you will receive an SMS verification code and you are good to go. Since its a social app, you will have to create a social network by inviting more friends.

What is a vibe?

The guys at Vibz Lab LTD describe a vibe as a feeling, or an activity or a current state of mind of a user like #work, #bored, #soccer, #home or #party among others that allow you to share in context with your pals in accords to your current state. It also allows you to know at a glance what all your pals are up to with the use of intuitive and fun graphics.

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With doVibe, you can see what your friends up to with just one glance, you can also share every moment with the people who matter your life through updating your vibe and photos plus also comment and interact on all your pals’ vibes.

Since the App is still under beta stages, the developers would appreciate any feedback as you use the app. In my few minutes with it, I was able to experience a “force close” error (I know its common for Android Devs). But there you go try the app and tell us what you feel though your feedback which will be more valuable for the developers.

We are still trying out this app and we shall review the app in due course time.

You can download the Android App from HERE.