This Kickstarter wants you to have an emoji keyboard overlay skin

emoji keyboard skin

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We all use emojis to express ourselves with fewer words when chatting, right? But, this is often done on our smartphones or on our PC virtual screens. So, what if you want to have them right under your fingertips on your physical keyboard? That’s where the guys at Disk Cactus have stepped in with their emoji keyboard overlay skin, currently on Kickstarter.

Just to make sure we all understand what this kick-starter is about, their campaign does not offer a physical keyboard, but a silicone keyboard cover available in two sizes: one that fits Apple’s wireless desktop keyboards, 13″ MacBook Airs, and 13/15″ MacBook Pros, while a smaller option fits the 11″ MacBook Air. Yes its Apple products for now, but we expect to have more skins if successful.

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The keyboard cover also comes with corresponding software, which allows the caps-lock key to become a one-touch shortcut for emoji entry. While the cover features a single emoji character printed over each key, there are actually five sets of characters that can be entered by pairing keys with shift, control, and option. This makes a total of 150 emoji available for quick entry. So whether these keyboards will actually see the day of light is yet to be seen.


Source:  Disk Cactus/Kickstarter