This is What’s causing Google and Samsung’s latest ‘beef’

galaxy gear 2
Samsung Galaxy Gear 2


galaxy gear 2
Samsung Galaxy Gear 2

When you say the word Android nowdays, you will probably follow it up with other words like Galaxy, Google or Samsung. (Geeks stay out of this). Google and Samsung were since last week reportedly tech beefing yet again. According to The Information, the Search Giant’s CEO Larry Page was not happy with Samsung’s pushing of its Tizen Mobile Operating system for their smartwatch platform. At Google I/O last month Google announced three manufactures that would be releasing SmartWatches based on its Android Wear Platform. LG, Motorola and Samsung were the announced manufactures, but Apparently Samsung joining LG in the retail launch of Android Wear wasn’t enough to satisfy Page.  The tense and private meeting according to the leaked report between Google’s boss and Samsung Vice Chairman Jay Y Lee shows how Google’s CEO expressed displeasure about the fact that Samsung invests far more in Tizen-based watches like the Gear 2 and Gear Fit than it does on Android Wear.

“Google has no business telling Samsung where it should sink its cash.”

And if you look at Samsung’s Android Wear offering the Gear Live, its looks like they got their Tizen based Gear smartwatch the Gear 2 and changed the OS to run Google’s own software. It’s like the Korean Phone maker never lifted a finger at all to change the design of its Android Wear offering to differentiate it from the Tizen gears and to prevent confusing consumers.

One would urge that Samsung wanted to play it safe and keep a uniform design, plus Google has no business telling Samsung where it should sink its cash. Previously both companies have reportedly clashed over the look and feel of Android, with Google advocating for Samsung to stop building similar apps that Google already makes on its Galaxy phones. So what do you think? Should Samsung Pull back on its Tizen dreams in favor of Android Wear in Smart Watches?

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  • picked_a_name

    All the devs will tell you Tizen is lighter, and sports much better performance on the small/portable devices than Android.
    Google should ‘fight’ such wars with streamlining their software, and not with words and sentiments.

    • roger bambino

      But Google now has its light Android wear platform…… Am sure it’s as light as Tizen

      • picked_a_name

        Hahaa, we all know how these things are. In the tech world, NEVER buy the first iteration – the company’s testing a bunch of things that they’ll later refine! Same goes for Android wear; awesome idea, but implementation will not be realized fully until the second or third iteration..