This Is What Happens When an Askari Takes The Oculus Rift For A Spin (Video)

oculus vr headset gamers night uganda reaction

Last week Friday at GamersNights Uganda seemed like the place to be in town. As some of you ushered in the weekend in style with the various shows in Kampala, the Geek gamers who have been filming a show for now over 2- 3 months for Urban TV’s next big game series were having some entertainment of their own.

So one of the members got their hands on the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset¬†DK2 (Development Kit) which was tested by most of the expectant gamers, and they all manged to hold their own. Now it was time to test the gadget on a “non-gamer” and who better to do so than an Askari (Gate Man). You just have to watch the viral¬† video above for more. The rest that happened was history and by the way, both the Askari and the VR headset are now okay. I bet this up coming gaming show will also be this hilarious.

  • Ellz

    where is this Gamer’s Night that you speak of, monsieur?! Details please