This is the Oxygen OS for the OnePlus One

One Plus One Oxygen OS

The long awaited, Oxygen OS for the OnePlus One smartphone is finally here. And, it can be downloaded from the OnePlus website and flashed on to the phone. As the company set a goal to branch away from CyanogenMod Android based OS, they have managed to release their own version on top of Android for their OnePlus One smartphone users.

The new Oxygen OS is built around the ideal of open-source and claims to offer an almost pure-stock Android experience, highly optimized for the OnePlus One hardware and complete with custom gestures, customization features.

One Plus One Oxygen OS_features

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The Google certification process delayed the release of this OS that was initially scheduled for March 27. So if you happen to own a OnePlus One, be sure to head on over to the source link and enjoy the new Oxygen experience. Here is a video, courtesy of the OnePlus team, showcasing the top features, incorporated in the ROM.

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