This is the Nokia Smartwatch that Microsoft canceled

Nokia Moonraker smartwatch_1

It seems before the acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft, the company had a lot of things cooking in the background. According to The Verge, the Finnish company was developing a Nokia Smartwatch called the “Moonraker” that had a lot of Windows Phone design aesthetics. Nokia had planned to announce this smartwatch along side the Lumia 930, but Microsoft canceled it after it acquired them.

Nokia Moonraker smartwatch_3

Leaked images of the smartwatch,  surfaced on a Tumblr blog today and The Verge reports that the images were made for marketing purposes rather than just concept art. It is believed that Nokia’s Moonraker smartwatch never saw the day of light because Microsoft was anticipating its wearable Band. The Moonraker had a number of sensors, the familiar “Metro” interface from Windows Phone and paired it with simple email, phone, and messaging apps on its smartwatch. There was even a camera remote feature to take pictures on a smartphone from the watch. Facebook and MixRadio integration was also built-in, alongside customizable watch faces and different colored straps.

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Nokia Moonraker smartwatch_2

Could we see Microsoft launch its next-generation Band later this year after Windows 10 is available broadly with similar concepts?