This is the latest Samsung Galaxy S6 leak

Samsung Galaxy s6 leaks

We have seen several teaser videos and renders from Samsung about the upcoming Galaxy S6. The latest leaks can only reveal what most of us have come to suspect that the company might announce two flagship phones. This will be similar with the huge Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note edge variants the company released last year. With a March 1st announcement just a few days away, new photos posted on xda-developers forum show a test device that could easily be the first glimpse of the Galaxy S6.

This particular modal doesn’t have that curved display although it’s sides resemble the iPhone 6. It’s also highly likely that this is just an early prototype, since we know the real thing will be all round metal and glass unlike the plastics we see in the pictures of this latest leak. Either way, it’s hard to say how much of this reflects the final product.

Source: xda-developers

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