This is Google’s Project Wing: A Mystery, Drone-based delivery system

Project wings

Google Project wings

Google has worked on several projects from floating internet balloons (Project Loon) to self-driving cars, and today the Google X labs team just revealed that it’s working on yet another ambitious and autonomous self-flying vehicles project. For two years now Google has worked on Project Wing, a drone-based delivery system that sounds a lot like the what Amazon announced last year.

Unlike Amazon’s drone’s Google’s project’s main focus is not to appease shoppers who need things quickly delivered, Google says these flying vehicles can be used for delivering goods. The company aims to use these drones in disaster relief scenarios — and could be used to deliver supplies to areas in need. But let’s not lie to ourselves am sure they also want to us these drones to deliver goods to buyers, just as Amazon hopes to do.

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The vehicle comes preloaded with four electrically driven propellers with a wingspan of about 1.5 meters; it weighs just under 8.6 Kgs and can take off just like a helicopter does. According to the BBC, the entire weight of the craft and the item it is delivering is only  10 Kgs — So anything heavier than that will not be delivered. There is also a GPS, cameras, radios, and an inertial measurement sensor that’s made up of accelerometers and gyroscopes to assist the craft decide how it’s positioned. Its computer is near the tail section, while the power is near the front of the plane.

Project wings

Google envisions a system that is controlled in part by computers as well as people. Controllers will be able to oversee what the drones are doing and take control. That could be useful in cases where packages could get stuck. The company says it plans to use some of those human interactions to help improve the automated software, like it’s done with its self-driving car program.