This is Gabana, a Ugandan based self publishing digital platform


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Gabana is simply a mish-mash between the best of what file hosting and storage services have to offer and the ultimate in eCommerce solutions; the first API backed platform of its kind and will be available later this year. This Platform is essentially meant for those who possess copyright owned digital products that can be stored and sold. It basically built for content like games, music, books of all formats, video, graphic art, photographs, all kinds of digital product, to be put on sale, by the creative minds behind their creation.

It is for all the cool creative works people out there who are looking to self publish their completed projects. Yes, even you app developers who need a place to provide their applications, open source as well as commercial systems. The will provide the content owners with distributorship at no cost. Get up in the morning, look at that album you cannot get yourself to sell, that book you wrote that has caught more dust on your shelf than your house has ever let in, change your product into the supported file format and you will be prompted to follow these simple steps;

  • Sign up to Gabana
  • Choose a own sub domain or use your own custom domain
  • Get your own web site created in under 5 minutes by choosing from 100’s of templates or create your own
  • Upload your content from one to tens of files (as much as the provided space can allow
  • Organize your store and choose your payment options
  • Publish and share in all your social networks
  • That is IT. And all without leaving the platform in those 3 or less minutes
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Even a video games company with products that range in at 20GB plus a game will find the Gabana platform to be economic as we intend to provide 1TB of space with our opening package eventually and unlimited bandwidth.


Brands designed by Colo

gababa and collo

One of Gabana’s most prized perks will be the theming of your brand, name and entity besides our flagship logo across multiple devices and applications… that is to say;  All the graphics, illustrative works and arts and general theme perk design will be handled by the Collo Designs Team, a company owned by the always controversial graphic artist and author of the satirical series of books “Nigga Moment”, Colo Collin.

Gabana is currently on crowd sourcing website Indiegogo with a target goal of  $125,000 that they hope to raise in 29 days.