This is Entebbe International Airport by 2033

Entebbe Internationa Airport 2033 Ultimate Plan1

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[/blockquote]Geek week 2015 posts The Civil Aviation authority has a master plan that aims to improve and modernize Entebbe International Airport in tandem with other existing and planned up-country airports to provide better service for passengers, carriers, and users of the airports. The Master plan that was made in 2014, shows a strategic development of civil aviation’s infrastructure focusing on analysis of existing conditions and their capacity to maintain, expand safely.

The first phase of Entebbe International Airport Master Plan that was launched in January this year, focuses on renovations involving terminal expansion, renovate and improve cargo area, multi-storey car park, fuel farm among others as shown in the images below and will cost $201.6 million (about Shs567.9 billion). In the long-term, study the location and characteristics of a new Airport to replace Entebbe International Airport.
The authority will also need $67.4 million (about Shs192.9 billion) in the year 2019 to 2023 to do the same while $160.5 million (about Shs459.4 billion) will be required for the same purpose between 2024 and 2033. See the details layout plans of how the Airport will look like by 2033.


Entebbe International Airport from 2014 to 2033 plan

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Entebbe Internationa Airport 2015

This is how the Airport looks like now


Entebbe Internationa Airport Land use strategy

Entebbe Internationa Airport 2033 Proposed layout1Entebbe Internationa Airport 2033 Ultimate Plan1


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