These are the upcoming emojis from Unicode

new emojis

The New emojis will give you the middle finger

new emojis

If you are a habitual, SMS or chatting freak am sure you get to use different kind of emojis to express yourself with small cool symbols where words would be too long. Yesterday, the Unicode Consortium which is the industry standard group has introduced a new list of updated emojis unto the world, and now there’s an easy way to see all of them in one place. The new chart  shows what’s new and what’s not, highlighting the 240 new characters that will be used in computers and mobile devices and yes they will give you the middle finger emoji on top of emojis for computers and modems.

The new version 7.0 update adds over 2,834 new characters more than what was last released in version 6.3, which was released last September. Unicode has also now embraced new currency symbols for countries like Russia and other historic scripts in various languages. You can hit the source link below to discover all the up coming emojis.

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