These are the top 10 iPhone Apps that Ugandans use on their iPhones

iOS 8_iPhone 6

The iPhone is widely considered the “rich man’s phone”. It’s an open secret that iPhone phone series have been the poster child of high-end phones. With dual core, quad-core and Octa-core processors, one wonders what kind of astronomical apps iPhone users run on these pieces of Corning’s Gorilla Glass.

Unless your iPhone or your friends’ “high-phone” pun intended is high-on cheap drugs bought from the Ghettoes of Kamwookya, the iPhone device specifications are quintessential to perform to heights only the other smartphone devices dream about.  Yes smartphone devices also dream to be like others.

But it’s from this background that Techjaja decided to look at the top 10 iPhone Apps that Ugandans use on their iPhones. The apps run the gamut from 3D Sex Positions apps, games to instant messaging apps.

1. WhatsApp Messenger

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The instant messenger is the most downloaded iOS app by Ugandans. Going by its everyday use of instant messaging, sexting, exchanging nude pictures, sex tapes, group chatting and tonnes of features you use with that nonexistent girlfriend you chat with on every top of a microsecond.

2. Messenger

This mobile-first app is or was Facebook’s answer to Whatsapp .It basically allows you to text like you do on whatsapp with both your Facebook friends and also people amongst your phone contacts.

3. Facebook

Well, well, well. Facebook needs no introduction unless you only access it on Facebook zero and you have no idea what the actual Facebook looks like. All we can say it’s a social networking website ported to your mobile phone and shipped as an app.

4. Viber

Viber is another distant cousin of Whatsapp in the instant messaging app family. Ugandans mostly use it to make free phone calls, share pictures, videos, voice messages and stickers.

5. Instagram

Some naysayers construe, that all instagram does, is to make beautiful girls appear pulchritudinous and giving off the illusion to other instagrammers that they “eat life” in a fast lane, but for us we shall beg to differ Instagram is simply an app that help you capture moments through pictures and videos while allowing you to share those moments with the world.

6. 3D Sex Positions Stereogram Kamasutra

This is one of the few apps that will make Father Lokondo heartbroken and we are sure he will gladly propose to parliament to allow him confiscate iPhone owners who happen to own the app. This app hides 3D sex positions behind textures and if you stare at the picture the 3D object start to take shape until that moment of …

7. Fruit Ninja

Yes the poor-rich people of the iPhone-highway also spare time to play games but they mostly like Fruit Ninja which makes the second most downloaded and paid for app by Ugandan on the App Store. The game is simply about slicing fruits and avoiding bombs all in the name of achieving high scores.

8. Candy Crush Saga

Yes! hello Candy Crush Saga haters on Facebook zero, your iPhone counterpart’s love to adventure in Candy Kingdom so if you see them in office faking a straight face trust me they are just escaping reality alongside an owl named “Odus”. Please don’t get them busted at work.

9. Thief Alarm – Burglar Alert

We found it hard to believe that this app made it to the top 10; it looks like the rich people of iPhone highway don’t want their treasures, oh sorry I meant hard-earned lifelong saving to be stolen fwahhh -by chicken thieves or random street-gadget-snitchers and so they thought it wise to buy this 0.99 USD to scare away thieves who may steal your phone accidentally or intentionally.

10. imo free video calls and chat

This app is only known by Apple fan boys and some religious admirers of the iPhone highway. And, yes if you come from the lesser part of the world (not my words) I mean the Android world consider this Whatapp and Viber combined but with the ability to encrypt chats and calls.


This list was based off data analytics of the downloads from the official App Store from yester-years to today (15th June 2015). Keep it techjaja we shall be availing you a list for the top 10 in the iPad world as well.