These are the new features of the upcoming Microsoft browser in Windows 10


Microsoft is in the process of cooking up a new browser code-named Spartan to reportedly replace Internet Explorer 11 in the upcoming Windows 10 operating system. Rumor mill suggests that the desktop version looks like a simplified version of Chrome, with a tabbed interface above the address bar. With a new browser comes new features which include;

There will be a strong integration of Microsoft’s Cortana digital assistant which will help users book flights and hotels, package tracking, and other data within the traditional address bar. Cortana integration in the Spartan browser will  replace some features of Bing in Internet Explorer.

Another feature will allow Windows 10 users to comment on a web page with a stylus and send the notes to other people. All this will be powered by Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage. Spartan will allow users  share these comments to other users interactively.

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There will also be a new way to group tabs together as a way of decongesting the unpleasing UI of Internet Explorer which has multiple browser tabs. Microsoft’s plans to allow Spartan to support custom themes was reportedly aborted. So the final new browser in Windows 10, but could surface an update to support themes in the future.

One browser for all devices

Windows 10

Following Microsoft’s all in one philosophy in Windows 10, Spartan is designed to be a single browser across PCs, tablets, and phones. Microsoft will make Spartan a Windows Store app, enabling the company to quickly and easily update the browser in future. According to ZDNet  Microsoft will continue to include Internet Explorer in Windows 10.

While the Spartan name is a codename, it’s not clear if Microsoft plans to continue the Internet Explorer branding with its new browser. We shall see more about these rumors at the next Microsoft Windows 10 event on January 21st.