Blogging in Uganda has not really caught the rock-bottom and the real pinnacle that it truly deserves if you ask me. But i won’t rule out the fact that the very few actual bloggers that we have are making quite remarkable progress with changing the blogosphere. Now choosing which food blogs to follow in the code 256 can be one overwhelming issue. Food is everyone’s ‘bae’, that’s for sure and every foodie’s quote when you ask them what they love.

When I mention about food blogging, am not talking about publishing a press release from Jumia Food or basically telling your small following of readers how you dissected a three-course meal from La patisserie over the weekend.

I’m talking about scrolling through all those recipes and mouthwatering photos to capture the eons. And, deciphering nutrition fact from fiction and personal anecdotes from expert-backed advice which for sure is no easy task.

I’ve taken a little ride on our blog-streets to fish out some of the finest when it comes to blogging about food. And hey, they are really good at their game.

For full disclosure, I don’t know any of them personally and I’ve never met any of them, but through their amazing blogs, they somewhat made it to the list. That should settle ideas that may led to bias. In no particular order, could these be the best food bloggers to grace Uganda’s blogosphere?


Sophie, A Kitchen In Uganda

1Sophie “A Kitchen In Uganda”

She’s a darling worth a mention when a food blogging conversation steams up from any ‘kafunda’ on the streets. Sophie is a wonder you’ll agree. If you read Sophie’s blog called  A Kitchen In Uganda, you shall agree to my assertive claims. Sophie has always been fascinated by the art of cooking from a really young age and been influenced by a great number of people and cultures. She uses high-quality imagery to show off the food she cooks on her website and this will keep your mouth watery and yearning for more. When she’s not in the kitchen, you’ll find her daydreaming of what to cook next. “Being in the kitchen keeps me sane.”, the flamboyant blogger notes in her bio.

Karen Kana

2 Karen Kana “Chocolaty Prints”

You have seen her rally with ‘big wigs’ for awards in various awarding ceremonies. She has graced most nomination lists for potential awards because of her mastery in blogging about food. Karen Kana is amazing when she jots down a blog about food. She’ll literally make you fall in love with her foodie escapades once she puts a narration on her blog. Her photography is fleek, her love for exotic foods is one fine spectacle and she surely doesn’t make an effort to appear here. She’s good. We need a local touch in her though(That’s a loyal readers comment that i randomly asked about Chocolaty Prints).


Anna Kakuba, Mandazi Lover

3Anna Kakuba “Mandazi Lover” @mandazilover

She’s not your typical blogger but when she captures her niche of Food, she never seems to disappoint. Anna Kakuba the famous Mandazi Lover surely knows it all when she starts blogging about her food and love for Mandazi. Her Instagram is filled up with tantalizing dishes that will make you love the art she crafts in blogging about food.


Marie Soafricane

4Marie @soafricane

Quite extra-ordinary- the way she crafts her words makes you see the food but through her words! A friend of mine noted. I took a minute to go through her food blogs that she has penned, well I was not disappointed at all. Marie is most definitely equipped with an African spice when she blogs about her food recipes.


Joel Jemba

5Joel Jemba @joeljjemba

This fella is one to reckon with when blogging come to the mention. He’s slowly growing into a great unique blogger and recently started a vlog. When I took time and scrolled through his blog I was impressed that aside from his traveling and photography escapades, Joel blogs about food too.Wow!  He’s articulately writes his blog to the taste of the eye when you are reading. Joel has too mastered the art of blogging about food and being the fella on the list, might make him icon in that field.