These 5 Ugandan based Facebook Pages could have that Hack you always needed

5 facebook pages dedicated to hacking in Uganda


How can I get free Internet on my phone? My Facebook has been hacked by someone, what can I do? How can I recover a flash disk that can’t be formatted? How can I unlock this MTN or Orange branded phone? There are many tech questions asked on a daily basis some require white hacks and others are black hacks. Believe me when I say several Facebook communities or pages are dedicated to answering your hacking related questions, plus you can also join and positively contribute to these pages.  Here are Five out of the many hacking based Facebook pages in Uganda that will sort you out. My top picks are purely based on usage in Uganda and numbers.

1. Softek IT Consult

softeck it consult

Boasting with over 227,000 members this seems to be one of the few legit groups. “Softek IT Consult” was created to inquire, share, discuss, and learn more about Computer Systems and the changing world of Information and Media Technology. Everyone is welcome! More of white hackers but you wont fail to see some black hacking here and there. The group restricts any form of pornography, use of vulgar language, page promotions and the advertising/selling of “ANY” kind of product.

2. Hints to Hacking

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hints to hacking

This group has over 39,000 members. And they don’t want you to be left vulnerable to hackers,  the members in the group are dedicated to share tricks hackers use to bypass even the strongest firewalls and also how you can defend your self from being hacked.

3. Hack Me If You Can

hack me if you can

With just 2,455 members, the chaps in the group are dedicated to offering all kind of hackery tricks. From some who want to hack YAKA, to star times Satellite TV. Some offer tricks of how to load 5Gb for 1k on Smart telecom or Airtel unlimited internet. The options seem to be unlimited.

4. Uganda Hackers Forum

uganda hackers forum

The About us section of this group always cracks me up

“We are Anonymous UG!!!! , We are what the Future Expects , We are Blacks :)!!!! We are awesome , We always Remember!!!!  We are not Hackers but security Professionals According to KEVIN 😛 # So expect Us

It has 1,628 members.

5. Ultimate Hacking

Ultimate hacking

This was a hard one to choose for my number five considering there are several other great groups. Ultimate hacking is just like any other hacking group out there. The group has about 1,173 members.

Of course there are other groups dedicated to hacking like Internet Hacks and Tricks, Android Hacks, Hacks/Hackers Kampala, and  Hack Uganda. If you feel we have left out some, leave us a comment below.

  • Barnard

    Hmmm… blackhat hackers with a Facebook page and profile?

    • roger bambino

      thanks , is that Ug based?

  • Derrick Von Matthew

    Uganda is a million miles way wen it comes to hacking, just checkout the Chinese and Americans!

    • roger bambino

      step by step we shall be there