The ZenWatch is Asus’s take on Android Wear Smartwatches

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Android Wear devices seem to be taking the wearable space by storm. Today at the IFA show in Berlin, Asus has come with a bang and have shown off their good-looking smartwatch called the ZenWatch. It has a curved 2.5D design on the front and a stainless cover on the back,and puts a lot of emphasis on design. At 199 euros,the price of the Zen is attractive for users as well. On the inside there is a 1.6-inch AMOLED display, 4GB of storage and 512MB of RAM, and the same Qualcomm processor we have seen in all other Android Wear watches.

It’s leather strap connects an Asus-branded buckle to its brushed body. The watch seems to be designed with some elegance — the Moto 360 still seems to have more individual all these other watches.

On the software side of thing the ZenWatch is the standard Android Wear,with a few additions. There’s a “tap tap” function to find your phone, a remote control for your smartphone’s camera, and more than a hundred watch faces to choose from. We don’t know the release date as yet but its a watch we looking forward to.