The World Cup has so far accumulated a record 300 million tweets

300 million tweets in the first 15 days

The World Cup is upon us, and as we enter the knock out stages, the world has tweeted the hell out of it in the past 15 days.   According to Twitter, they have counted more than 300 million tweets about the world tournament in the 15 days. The info tweeter is not releasing is how many people are tweeting about the World Cup. All we can get from tweeter’s public filings, the change in Twitter’s user base between this event and the 2012 London Olympics which counted 160 million tweets during the first 16 days .


Its expect that twitter had less users in 2012 about 150 million but at the end of March 2014, it had around 255 million. And  people like me who  are more interested in the African teams most of which have been eliminated apart from Algeria rest, assured that we shall tweet about it more and more.

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Twitter says the most-tweeted about game was the opener between Brazil and Croatia — and that the next four most popular games also involved countries other than America and Africa begin least on the least.