The winner of the 3G+ Modem contest Give Away: Kasie

After an eventful week, today brings us to the end of the Techjaja Giveaway Contest. After careful evaluation and consideration, we at Techjaja have found a winner. You all know the rules, but here is why our winner will be taking the price home.

  • They liked our google plus page.
  • They have posted a comment on the DISQUS section on the giveaway page.
  • They have matching names on DISQUS as on google+
  • As a bonus, they have commented on our google plus page atleast once and liked atleast one of our posts on Facebook from since the start of the contest.

And with that, we proudly declare that the 3G+ modem goes to Kasie Roberts. For details on how to get your modem, send us a message on our Facebook page or contact us via email at