Hosts:  Robert Sebunya & Roger Bambino (Co-host)


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Considering buying a smartphone in Uganda? From capturing hundreds of photos and playing games to social networking, texting and email. Oh yeah, you’ll be making phone calls, too. But with multiple operating systems, screen sizes and carriers all screaming for your attention, picking the right device can feel like an endless maze. Today on the show we shall be helping you on making a smart choice while choosing the right smartphone for you.

Advice to newbie’s for choosing the right smartphone Operating system. What do women want in a phone wait we didn’t have an eBook on the show for but the boys on the show gave us clues on what they have discovered over time.

How do you find out phone prices in Uganda don’t get reaped off just listen in to that part of the show and you will begin buying SMART at the right price you see now you a smart person with a smartphone (low-end ,mid-range smartphone or even high-end smart phones).

What specifications should you pay attention to while buying a smartphone forget the gimmicks the boys on the show break down the details without getting geeky-nerd or nerd-geeky not until when Roger bluffs that he wants a radio on the iPhone…SERIOUSLY Roger go hang in fact go hang your HTC One on a mushroom tree.

Do we REALLY need dual-SIM phones what are the implications of dual-SIM phones on battery juice and what are the work arounds to avoid losing battery juice HELLLOOO everyone you need to listen to this part of the show?

If you a photo junkie or maybe a video-holic the show has you sorted on the type of phone you should hold spoiler alert meant for the guys who may miss listening in but are reading this consider factors like depth of field, sharpness and detail, color accuracy, dynamic range video ,control. Excuse the spoiler.

Over time battery juice has been a big issue it’s the HIV Aids of smartphones how does one figure out the best phone battery life? Which vendor is trying on something new in the space?

Geeks’ stories aside what apps do these geeks in studio run on their phones heart breaking I hope everyone does not use their phone like these geeks.

And lastly Roger our resident telecom expert tells us which teleco is favorable for your smartphone and if you an upcountry listener and am sorry to say but I will have to break your heart a little bit but tune in to the show to allow me to break it well with you.

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Running time: 30 mins

Producer: Dee Kevins
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