2016 will go down in history as a year to remember so much that, the year itself became a punchline. A lot has happened on the Ugandan technology scene. From Uber setting foot into to some telecoms and ISPs closing business in Uganda and others closed and reopen. Who can forget the Social media blackouts during elections and swearing-in ceremony. Now that’s courage from our over 30 year old government. It was a long and memorable year, so we’re taking a moment to look back at our favorite and trending stories for 2016.

The iPhone's share price has dropped amid reports of a decline in iPhone sales, and this being the crème de la crème of smartphones we knew some day this time was coming and I for one think it was long over due. Apple has announced its 2016 financial first quarter earnings – a quarter which ended in December 2015 and this confirms that, yes, iPhone sales are down, and as a result the questions have arisen – have smartphones become boring? In other words, do you think smartphone innovation has stagnated?
It was more than comedy when Artist Richard Kaweesa, chained himself at the Africell Uganda offices on Monday the 18th of January 2016. His One-Man’s protest is against music copyright injustice. The Arrest Injustice (AI) team had a brief discussion with him and we have the whole interview for you here:
Well, that was quite dramatic, thrilling and I must say entertaining, as Ugandans keenly followed the first ever presidential debate last night. So how did the event trend of social media? We have fewer Ugandans using twitter than Facebook but it seems last night there was a lot of twitter buzz as Ugandans followed the debate using the hashtag UGDebates16 which trended worldwide. The beauty about twitter is that everyone has an opinion and the best or most rib cracking ones are re-tweeted and liked.
When I started using Facebook in 2007, the learning curve was as smooth as a baby discovering where its mother's nipples are for the first time. Later on, I figured that my fellow Ugandans would have a hard time catching up with Snapchat and I jotted down four reasons why Snapchat is not their thing. Well seems I was not wrong after all. Many of my friends still find it as confusing to use since they first installed the app on their phones. When I began using Snapchat, this social network made me feel old.
When the King of online streaming comes knocking on your door step, you can't resist the urge to let them into your life, and that is what I exactly did ever since Netflix officially launched in Uganda last week. According to a poll we carried out, over 87% of Techjaja readers were willing to give Neflix a try, which means the service has potential but there is a catch, it uses global bandwidth than cat videos and piracy combined, which means it won't spare your data plan once you get hooked.
Last Friday, Airtel issued a statement to sections of the media in response to our earlier issue concerning fiber optic diversion by their teams. The Lebanese telecom firm, Africell was disappointed that Airtel Uganda had gone ahead to provide inaccurate and false information to the general public regarding the status of the fiber optic cables as well as matters in court.
Not to get me wrong as regards the ‘WTF’ abbreviation, it actually stands for Whatsapp, Facebook & Twitter. These three are widely used across Uganda and they command a large user base than anything else social. Given the attachment Ugandans have towards the above social networks, telcos flooded the market with WTF specific data bundles to attract users and in the process, WTF became the one to go for bundle for social freaks, especially those hailing from the bottom of the pyramid, who form the majority.
Ever wondered how your fellows you call the 'Basummer' live their life in the diaspora? Well a group of young minds from different countries have found just a remedy to the long distance gap that was brought as result of others leaving the country Consequently, a team of four young minds from different countries saw a ripe ground that seemed to bring Ugandans back at home and those in the diaspora to a common platform and they sought solace in fast growing platform SnapChat to make this possible.
This wouldn't come as a surprise to many, the fact Uganda has over 8 major players in the telecom market and with the exit of Orange from the Ugandan market in 2014, were bound to see other small players follow suit. According to sources, Foris Telecom, whose brand name is iN Connecting is in the final stages of closing shop in Uganda. iN Connecting which launched in April 2010h had refused to move on from the old and fading WiMAX broadband technology to adopt 4G LTE.
Uganda's smartphone network is bidding farewell to three of its senior executives including; the Marketing Director Mr. Diego Pacheco, Mr. Prasoon Lal, the Chief Commercial Officer and Mr. Paul Langlois (in featured image above), the Airtel Money Director. It is a rare scene to have a trio of senior executive members of staff leave the company.
The Unwanted witness Uganda last week petitioned the communications regulator UCC to investigate the dubious and continuous illegal billing of consumers by MTN Uganda and Africel Uganda, for both voice and data without any service offered. In a letter to the sent to the commission, the non partisan and non-profit
We keep reviewing apps and games that are available on the Google play store, but when our readers follow the link to download the apps we recommend, they greeted with the "this app is not compatible to your device " error. Well today, we want to make this history and help everyone unlock the Google Play store to geographically restricted apps like Spotify,
In an unsuspecting turn of events, MTN Uganda’s CEO Brian Gouldie will be leaving the company after his 2 year tenure at the helm of the company has come to an end. The farewell dinner was held at Kampala Serena Hotel in Katonga hall and was graced by top C.E.Os from different companies in Uganda.
We’ve had previous interactions about Panya, first when it launched on Telegram and soon after found a new home on Facebook Messenger, with anticipations of launching soon on Whatsapp, that's if the green Messenger opens up its API to developers once again.
Less than four months since Uber opened shop in Kampala, the Uber drivers are reportedly leaving the service, switching off their Uber apps and today have started a strike due to low fares. The drivers are no longer picking calls from clients until management resolves their issues, according to sources, Uber management has agreed to meet them on Monday 31st October to listen to their grievances.
DSTV has finally succumbed to pressure as we reported earlier and slashed its prices. The move comes after we reported a new entrant in the payTV space, called Econet global Media headlined by Millionaire Investor Strive Masiyiwa. Econet Media will be launching its KweseTV brand in Uganda. Something that might have prompted the Multichoice owned brand to slash prices.