The Surface Pro 4 and new Microsoft phones to be announced on October 6th

Microsoft 2015 hardware event

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After a rather meeh.. Microsoft event at IFA in Germany earlier this month, all eyes are now on the software giant to announce the Surface Pro 4 and new Microsoft phones to be announced at an event on October 6th. Microsoft will focus on it’s latest and greatest hardware including some new Lumia handsets plus the Surface Pro 4. As we have seen in several rumors before, we expect the company to announce both the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL. Now we want to see who the upcoming Lumias look like and how the latest Windows 10 will play on mobile.

We don’t expect the Surface Pro 4 to be aesthetically different from the Pro 3 as the company has promised to keep the charging mechanism and overall form factor similar for businesses that have invested in accessories like the docking station. We however expect to see some big changes like an increase in display size and resolution, also making the Surface Pro 4 thinner and lighter. Rumors have suggested a fingerprint scanner and an updated and better Surface keyboard could be shown off.