The Samsung Galaxy S6 is a beautiful copycat

Galaxy s6 and iPhone 6

[blockquote right=”pull-right”] [/blockquote] The Galaxy s6 is unapologetically bodacious so you will hate it to love it.  Every year in the Android world, it comes down to the latest Galaxy flagship and HTC One offering. For now, I will reserve my disappointment with the HTC One M9 and go directly to Samsung. In my opinion —the Galaxy S6 is the most beautiful copycat with a mix of ideas from mainly Apple’s iPhone 6, HTC and Samsung itself. The question to ask now becomes — did they do it successfully? Samsung ditched almost all of its hardware differentiation to go all in on iPhone 6-style design — though layering in, iPhone 4-like, with glass on both sides. The Galaxy S6’s rounded edges and speakers are reminiscent of Apple’s iPhone 6. However much beautiful the s6 Edge looks, I doubt if it will be practical to use in the real world, having used the Note Edge, the dual gently curved screen that has no palm rejection technology will be a nightmare for stray or accidental palm taps.  

What happens, then, when a 6-month old Samsung Galaxy S6 has to face the next iPhone on the market?

In bid to catch up with the disappointing sales of the Galaxy s5, Samsung has gone right out and picked a leaf or two from the design and idea labs of Cupertino. As we saw yesterday, when the phone was launched, the Samsung design team shamelessly sacrificed their hallmark Galaxy features like replaceable batteries, IP certified waterproofing and SD card support in a bid to catch up with the latest and greatest design. I will have to give Samsung some credit, the Galaxy s6 and Galaxy s6 Edge look beautiful, but all the features they have were basically their cornerstone in their attack ads to Apple. Instead of counter-programming Apple’s design and to try and leap ahead, Samsung seems to have barely kept pace. What happens, then, when a 6-month old Samsung Galaxy S6 has to face an iPhone 6s on the market? Galaxy s6 Edge

“why do the cheap-looking cartoony home screen icons remain”

Samsung says it put that same design effort into improving its modified Android OS and apps. But from most video reviews I’ve seen, a lot of Samsung’s typical software lunacy lives on. The apps are redesigned—so why do the cheap-looking cartoony home screen icons remain? I hate them and I wish you had done away with them Samsung. Also lingering are Samsung’s own never utilized Galaxy App Store and its useless MyMagazine news pane. And also don’t get me started with that annoying Samsung promotional widget on the homescreen that still prevails. Don’t get me wrong, Samsung’s software isn’t all that bad anymore, but again it isn’t all that good, either. And it’s certainly not as great as what you get from Google’s clean aka Pure eye-pleasing Android 5.0 Lollipop. In my view, the software just doesn’t match the refined hardware. Galaxy s6 and Galaxy s6 Edge The Galaxy Software looks the same as the previous generation

Apple Pay = Samsung Pay

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Samsung has also pimped up its home button to support Apple’s Touch ID-style fingerprint reader, now you no longer have to swipe to get something done. Just like on the iPhone, you can just touch the button and you are sorted, and don’t get me started on Apple Pay-like Samsung Pay, so cliche of Samsung if you ask me. Everything else about the new Galaxy Phones is great, from the screamingly powerful octo-core processor with 3GB of RAM, the new 16-megapixel sensor at the back and 5 MP at the front, support for all wireless charging standards, incredibly crisp and bright 5.1-inch, 2560×1440 display, the cool tricks that come with the Edge design, all neatly packed in a 6.8-7 mm gorilla glass 4 chassis. Samsung built a pair of phones that can go head to head with the iPhone 6 and HTC One on any catwalk but as they say, beauty always has its price and in an era where Samsung is fighting to keep up with competitors, losing those very things that set it apart from the iPhone and others could hurt more than it helps.




Featured Image Credit: WJS