The Port 005: This is how Kaymu, plans to change the Online shopping scene in Uganda

The Port: kaymu uganda team


The Port: kaymu uganda team

This month on the Port, its all business at Corner House-Kamwokya, the home of Kaymu a new start up e-commerce company under Africa Internet Holdings which also owns hello food and Lamudi. I’m met by a team donning bright colored blue t-shirts bearing the Kaymu logo hitting the streets, I soon discovered, this is the “acquisition team”, the salesmen, if you’d like.

On the Port this month, we meet up with Keron, a young energetic programmer and the brains behind, “Uganda’s E bay”, -if i was tasked to describe it two words. Keron sees himself as a “techprenuer” and programmer He started Kaymu after his experience with Ebay where he used to buy most of my things and he says that’s what inspired kaymu. To create something similar, but local.

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He thereafter went about looking for sponsors and partners to kick start the start up company and what started as a one man team is now a big team with several departments.

TJ: What is Kaymu?

Kaymu is an online Market place, more like E bay.

 TJ: When did it start?

 Kaymu has been around for five months or so, I got to meet the then prospecting buyers and now full owners in February this year and it started soon after.

TJ: Break it down for us, for those who don’t know ebay, how does Kaymu work?

We go to shops in town, to Mutasa Kafeero, Ivory plaza everywhere, offer them contracts with a promise to advertise and sell their goods online on the website. Right now it is all totally free, it’s all funded by the site owners.

The Kaymu website (Click Image to visit)

 TJ: How do goods get delivered?

We deliver using DAKS Couriers, so we charge an extra fee of UGX 2,000 ($0.8) on all purchases that covers delivery costs and just in case the customer isn’t satisfied with the delivered item; maybe size is too big or not of expected quality: he is free to reject or place another order.

 TJ: How does Kaymu make money?

No money, we are now on the marketing phases, this involves creating awareness and getting shops (sellers) on board.

kaymu UgandaTJ: How does Kaymu pay the bills: office space, hiring ….etc?

Kaymu is now owned by a group from Poland, they fund everything you see. It’s currently under the umbrella, Africa Internet Holdings, In Uganda we have three websites, Lamudi, Hello food and Kaymu.

 TJ: What does Kaymu mean?

Kaymu has no real meaning, but for now it means the website.

 TJ: Let’s talk numbers. What is the average number of daily orders made on Kaymu?

We have a good number of daily orders, it’s actually overwhelming, an average of a 100 daily orders, the only challenge we are facing is convincing shops to trust us with their stock with an assurance of payment because we are working on trust basis, which we are working to achieve

TJ: Incredibly cheap, for example mp3 players for as low as 10k! is this real? are they even genuine?

Ya, so we draw up contracts with shops and the prices you see on the site are final, maybe an additional 2k for delivery if you are located in Kampala.

TJ: Still talking about numbers, how big is the team?

We have a twelve man team in Uganda, plus of course the team from Poland which i won’t mention. So we have technical and sales teams, i head the technical side although at times i may do sales, its all about team work!

 TJ: Awesome Facebook ads I should say,

Thanks, kudos to the sales team.

 TJ: How do you hope to monetize the site?

We make money from delivery charges, we share the UGX 2,000 with DAKS the delivery team, in the future we shall charge a fee on uploading to the website but for now is is free, so right now are focusing on getting buyers and sellers on board.