The Pivot East 2014 Finalists are here

pivot east

It’s less than a month to the d-day and today PIVOT EAST has announced 25 mobile start-ups from across the region that will compete to get that well deserved investor interest and recognition. 2014 pitching conference which will be held on 24th – 25th June in Nairobi Kenya.

Out of the 50 semi finalists start-ups announced early this month, 25 have been able to make the final list. Below are Pivot East 2014 finalists

  • Utilities category;
    • Maramoja Transport,
    • Gari Sms,
    • Mavazi,
    • Sendy
    • Mafundi all from Kenya.
  • Finance category;
    • Valuraha from Kenya
    • Chamasoft from Kenya
    • Chura from Kenya
    • Beyonic from Uganda
    • Ensibuuko from Uganda .
  • Entertainment category;
    • Safari Tales from Kenya
    • Muva Studios from Kenya
    • Momentum Core  from Kenya
    • MapJam from Kenya
    • Ubongo from Tanzanai .
  • Society category;
    • SokoNect  from Kenya
  • Totohealth  from Kenya
  • SokoText from Kenya
  • Zapmedic from Uganda
  • Moquestions from Uganda.
  • Enterprise category;
    • Thinvoid from Uganda
    • Online Hisab  from Ethiopia
    • Buymore from Kenya.
    • ASim Mobile from Kenya.
    • Offers Africa from Kenya.