The people behind all these rampant sex tape leaks in Uganda revealed

The people behind the leaking of all these rampant sex tapes revealed

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Written By: Kedi Kebba for Techjaja’s YouBlog

Greetings to everyone out there and to every Techjaja fan, you are of course the biggest reason Techjaja has become the best tech blog in Uganda and around. Yes, your boy Kedi Kebba has been silent but it doesn’t mean I lack what to write but rather a preparation for the best and of course here at Techjaja, these guys never disappoint me.
Last year, we had many things happening from some Kampala socialites having whatever happens in their privacy leaked directly to our mobile phones. Desire, Zari among others have fallen victim of all this. And now this year, one of our own local TV news anchors had her s@x tape leaked.

“Who stands to benefit from this?”

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OMG, everyone on social media was looking for this video as if it contained anything worth the fuss. Well, I am not here to compare all the different tapes, but have to wonder and ask yourself these questions. Who is responsible for leaking these tapes? Who has a hand in all these scandals? Who stands to benefit from this? Who sponsors whoever shares their privacy to the public? Who is lured by who to do this?
When I thought deeper about it, I came up with several suspects that could be responsible for this.
Note: This is just a personal opinion, it doesn’t mean whatever is written here is the truth or anyone cited in this article is the one responsible for what is talked about. The statistics herein aren’t the verified, these are approximations.
Everyone is now thinking about Media chaps, I mean the local Tabloids, but my thoughts ran directly to Telecom companies, I have a strong feeling that the these firms are not sleeping, they are finding best ways on how to market their products and services, and with this, I will shoot to data as a service.

I think what am trying to say is that may be these guys come together and discuss on possible ways of earning money, they then come up with different options ranging from promotions to intentionally deducting one shilling from every subscriber for every recharge you make [Not the truth, Just saying]. During the meetings, may be one member decides to come up with an idea that could be the holy grail, **S@x tapes**.
Since everyone seems to have one, they decide to look out for any celebrity whose status can quickly catch the attention of everyone around even if you don’t know them. Each could pay a lump sum of about UGX 50 million ($ 17,600) to anyone willing to go throw vibes to a particular celebrity who will in the end be the cash cow and BOOOM, the tape is out as planned. The assumption is that there are five telecom companies, each of them will to contribute at least UGX 10 million for the s@xtape project.The people behind the leaking of all these rampant sex tapes revealed

And how will they gain?

Lets say, the total number of mobile Subscribers is close to 15 million –and of these — half of them have smartphones, meaning 7 million subscribers have smartphones. Lets also assume at least half of them [3.5 million] have access to internet. Using an estimate of 3.5 million subscribers, I will approximate 50% of them to have interest in what is going on in the country, I mean they can buy data just to get the latest gossip including the usual sex tapes, this number amounts to approximately 1.5 million subscribers. Let us now round off this to 1 million mobile broadband subscribers. This is though the smallest figure I will be working with.

Now, with this 1 million subscribers, each of them will at least subscribe for 10mbs . This is the least amount of data you will subscribe for to get yourself a non-lengthy video. Lets forget the huge Zari video that was waste of time. Anyway before I digress, let me continue, 10MBs here in Uganda cost you around UGX 300 which is close to $ 0.105. If all the 1 million subscribers pay UGX 300 for data, it means, UGX 300 million has been paid in data to get the video, remember, this all happens in a day when the gossip is still hot otherwise you are bound not to be in sync when it comes to gossip with your buddies.

“Which means UGX 60 million for each of them”

Tell me this is not good money in a day? So this means UGX 300 million will be shared amongst these 5 companies which means UGX 60 million for each of them yet they each contributed UGX 10 million. Yes, a difference of UGX 40 million is little for a telecom company, but imagine if this happens every month, then, most likely, their business targets are reached in one way or the other.

It’s time to snap back from imagination land. I am not in support for any of this and here at Techjaja, we condemn any action that leads to violation of someone’s privacy and if it’s true that this happens then we call upon the government to prosecute whoever is responsible. Privacy is paramount and should be respected.


Written By: Kedi Kebba for Techjaja’s YouBlog