The NSSF GO Android App , is a gateway to your hard earned savings


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The National Social Security Fund (NSSF) Uganda has today launched an Android app called NSSF GO to allow users keep track of their saving using their smartphones. This app is basically an extension of the existing NSSF Facebook app that was launched last year, that does the same thing. It is an easy and instant Android app that allows users to access their E-Statement and monitor their transactions at NSSF. The app is pretty straightforward,  with minimalist user interface and provides you a convenient, easy and safe way to contact NSSF anytime and anywhere.

According to the App info in the Google Play Store, the NSSF GO Mobile App allows you to:

  1. View your NSSF E-Statement
  2. Call NSSF Helpline numbers directly
  3. Send an SMS to receive your NSSF balance
  4. Project future NSSF balances based on different interest rates
  5. View all NSSF Social Feeds
  6. View new NSSF news articles
  7. Locate all the NSSF branches in your close proximity.

You can download and try out the App here.