The NSA is getting ‘millions’ of faces from the Internet using facial recognistion software

NSA facial recognition
NSA facial recognition
Image credit: dailymail

2013 was a year of revelation that cracked open the spying tendencies of US’s security agency. Now it turns out that the NSA wants more than just getting call records; it wants to look for faces, too. According to recent documents leaked by Edward Snowden, the NSA has been using facial recognition like what we saw withy Facbook’s Project deep face  to scan the internet for portraits and match them with fact-finding data. This software can find out whether as suspect in a photo or video chat has a valid passport, plus more data. By 2011, the NSA was getting about 55,000 “facial recognition quality” images per day out of several “millions” of prospects, according to the leaked information.

55,000 “facial recognition quality” images per day

On the bight side the NSA cannot use this information officially since they have not been using it with calls and messages, this will first have to under go a court’s approval first. Even if this this content is more likely to be public and less sensitive unlike calls, several civil liberty advocates are worried that the NSA may be diminishing privacy.