‘The November Man’ review

The novermber man


The novermber man

“You’re definitely going to love this one”, is what Roger Donaldson the Movie Director said in one of his quick comments about ‘The November Man’. Well I said to myself I can only check it out to prove he’s not wrong about his claims. When I checked out the trailer, it brought to mind a scenario where a smart student is faced with a challenge against his old teacher but furthermore it enlighten me on how a teacher remains a teacher no matter what and he’s always a step ahead at any moment. Now there you at least have a brief insight to what the movie has to offer.

Roger Donaldson the man behind the movies ‘The Bank Job’, ‘No Way Out’, ‘Thirteen Days’ has brought another epic showdown to the scene ‘The November Man’. Peter Devereaux (Pierce Brosnan) is a highly trained Ex-CIA top man who retired from duties and is living in Switzerland when he’s eventually lured out of retirement to take on his last mission of protecting a valuable witness Alice Fournier, (Olga Kurylenko). Interestingly as the mission takes toll, Devereaux finds himself pitted against his friend and CIA protégé David Mason (Luke Bracey) involving top CIA officials and Russian-President elect. So the question is will he continue with the mission or abort the mission?

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This throws the agency into shutters leaving Devereaux with no one to trust at all but to follow his own instincts to have the mission complete. It’s a No Rules, No Holds Barred
Well of late one thing for sure I’ve realized is that most epic Blockbusters are based on books and this seems to be working out and taking trend in Hollywood. The November Man too is not exceptional of this as its screenplay by Michael Finch & Karl Gajdusek is dwelt from  Bill Granger’s novel “There are No Spies” from the bestselling November Man book series.

Arguably one of the best Action movies as we say bye to August I can now agree I will love this one as Roger Donaldson claimed!. Well I was a bit astonished when is saw the title and quickly related it to it’s release, only to find out I was wrong! The November Man unlike its November title will not be actually released  in November but will be released today 27th Aug 2014. There you have it!, be on the lookout at your favorite cinemas to catch The November Man.


The novermber man

In My Opinion……
The November Man tried to portray Brosnan’s real antics of thrill but we all know the same James Bond-ish style of handling circumstances. This is the type of movie where you feel its juicy entertainment bit only towards the end and that’s not fancy at all for a highly-hyped movie like this! #AnticipatonHigh #ResultsLow. And too much explosions kill the love

Written By: Piusantos Epilu
 Email: epiusantos@gmail.com
Image Credit: 3t.com