All about the next Steve Jobs Movie To be released In October

Steve Jobs Movie

Am no different from any tech enthusiast out there in the world with a strong zeal to explore more of what technology has to offer, even the smallest of things won’t miss my ever preying online eyes. When anyone asks me to mention an icon that has been tremendously outstanding in the evolution of technology, the name Steve Jobs quickly comes to mind, we are yet to brace ourselves with yet another Steve Jobs movie due to hit cinemas in October later this year.

When rumors began spreading that there was a new  Steve Jobs movie  in the making, I relentlessly kept alive in the wait and wondered how this will be pulled off and distinguish it’s self from the one that starred Ashton Kutcher. The movie will be made by Universal Pictures, although rumor had it that it was initially supposed to be a Sony Pictures movie.

I guess all tech enthusiasts and geeks have to endure the long wait more so Apple diehards until 9th October this year the set date to feast their eyes on the Steve Jobs Biopic.
Famous screenplay writer Aaron Benjamin Sorkin ( same guy that penned The Social Network movie and many other bestsellers) teams up with director Danny Boyle the icon behind Slumdog Millionaire together with Universal Pictures to bring the world a biopic about the fallen tech genius, Steve Jobs

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The role and character of Steve Jobs will be played by Michael Fassbender (yes that lad played as the young magneto in x-men: Days of the Future past and the tough slave owner in the famous 12 years a slave flick) as the founder of apple. This movie will ride us through the journey and  hustle of Apple and Steve Jobs himself, from the original Apple Garage to the first iPod keynote and also the De Anza college where Jobs launched the second generation iMac in 1999. Major scenes are surrounded in only there spots.

Spicier in the movie, Kate Winslet will play former Macintosh marketing chief Joanna Hoffinan and Seth Rogen will take up the role and character of co-founder Steve Woziniaki.
David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin the duo that pulled it off on the Social Network movie could have been the duo to nail this too but due to a switch in the studio and budgetary misunderstandings, Boyle came into the picture to take up the role. On my watch-list, an all important reason to smile will soon be justified.