The Next HTC Flagship leaked in detailed video

“Today is February 19th, Wednesday, and … this phone is not out yet. But I get the phones early because I’m … sponsored.” That how the reviewer in the video began. his  lengthy, in-depth, and thoroughly shady phone-leak video we’ve ever laid eyes on, and it stars none other than HTC’s as-yet unreleased flagship. The phone is rumored to be called the all New HTC One (previously known as the M8).

Included in this tour: a side-by-side comparison with last year’s HTC One, questionable assertions regarding Beats Audio, and some pretty entertaining speculation regarding just why the phone might have “protected” software. Contacted regarding this video, HTC declined to comment.

Check out the video below before it’s pulled (again), and sound off with your speculation on just how this leak came to pass in the comments below.

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