Uber Katogo
After tantalizing us with a food teaser on their social media pages early this week, Uber Uganda is back with another limited time food promo, dubbed UberKatogo.
Just like they did for UberChome promo, Uber has teamed up with Shaka Zulu Foods to deliver to your destination by an Uber, free of charge. This on-demand on service will be available for a limited time only between 9-11am on Friday 19th.
Katogo is a traditional breakfast dish in Uganda. It is served in most regions of Uganda and is defined as a mixture of ingredients.The main ingredients of the dish are matooke and a sauce( beef, offal, beans ) .

How to order for the Katogo

All you need to do is open the Uber app, slide to #UberKatogo and request. Let the countdown begin! As expected, there will be lots of orders, so make sure you make request on time.
This is a more localized version of UberEats that uses a similar model of partnering with local restaurants within a given radius while delivery is accomplished by Uber drivers. However, it has a slightly larger menu displayed from which to choose from. The final price one pays is a combination of both the food and delivery costs which is displayed in the app.