The new Tesla D is a fast AWD Model S with dual motor and autopilot-like features

tesla D

tesla D

Today Tesla has unveiled their next big thing, the Tesla D. And the D stands for Dual Motor. This car is a fast all-wheel drive equipped version of its predecessor the Model S. The new Sedan is equipped with a P85D which measures 0 – 60 times of 3.2 seconds making it the fastest in it’s class and it will start shipping in December. According to the company CEO Elon Musk, the system is a “huge improvement” that actually adds efficiency over a single motor — about 16 km in range per charge.The car comes with a new driver assist feature that will match and exceed what cars like the Lexus have, which includes lane keeping and self-adjusting cruise control.

The Tesla D can read speed limit signs and adjust accordingly, and even change lanes by themselves when the driver activates the turn signal, all powered by a system of 12 sensors that see around the car. Elon Musk said that the new Tesla will push “push the limit” on what’s legally allowed for self-driving cars. With self-parking features the car will be able to slowly drive to where you are, or park itself in the garage! It will do this using the several ultrasonic sensors on the new cars. There is also a new electromechanical braking system can bring things to a stop very quickly.

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Source: USA Today