The Nokia 3310 review 4

At the beginning of this year,HMD Global revived Nokia’s retro 3310 candy bar phone with some welcome upgrades. And next month, the phone is in for another tweak: a new version is getting support for 3G, which will open it up for use in a lot more countries — that were left out in the initial 2G only roll-out. We made a full review of the 2G Nokia 3310 here.

The new Nokia 3310 3G will sell for €69 (about UGX 294,000 less taxes), a slight bump up from the original version, which sold for €49 (about UGX 210,000 less taxes). TO accommodate the added frequency bands: the new model is ever-so-slightly taller, wider, and thicker. And in what is not surprising is that, its estimated battery life is way down, from 22 hours of talk time on the 2G version to just 6.5 hours on the 3G version.

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It is obvious that battery life took a hit because of the switch over to 3G. 3G radios require more power, and the phone’s battery technology hasn’t changed. That’s a big disadvantage, but it may not be as much of a deal if you’re just buying the 3310 as a nostalgic throwback. And really, that seems to be a key part of why this phone was made.

There’s also supposed to be a new operating system running on the 3G version of the 3310, although it looks pretty much identical in promo photos. Juho Sarvikas‏, HMD Global’s chief product officer, says the OS has “some cool new features” but that anyone who’s tried the original version should “feel right at home.” It’s not clear what’s been added, but apparently the move to 3G required the change.

The phone will be available in red, blue, yellow, and black, and is supposed to be available starting sometime in the middle this month.