The new LG G4 smartphone is a beautiful evolution

LG G4 launch hero2
LG has today launched the LG G4 a 5.5-inch Android 5.1 smartphone that roughly looks like last year’s LG G3. According to the company, the LG G4 is built on three primary principles: comfortable elegance, a great visual experience, and human-centric UX. The phone has a slight curve to the display they have put emphasis on the colors of that display. The phone will come in brown, beige, black, yellow and blue, high-grade genuine hand stitched leather.
LG G4 launch colors
Colors of the LG G4

The Display

Just like last year’s LG G3, the G4 has a 5.5″ QHD display, same size and resolution. The new phone has an IPS Quantum Display that meets “100% of the DCI spectrum”, which is apparently what theaters use. Compared to the G3, the G4 has 20% improved color reproduction, 25% great brightness, 50% improved contrast and more power efficient according to LG. It has also fancy new vertical pixels that make for more accurate photos. There is also a special graphic RAM chip that sleeps the CPU when there’s a still image on the display.


The phone has a 16MP  camera at the back with ƒ/1.8 lens ( LaserCamF1.8 (TM)), the widest on a smartphone bringing in more light. It allows in 80% more light than one at ƒ/2.4, this on paper is supposed to be better than the Galaxy s6’s ƒ/1.9 lens. The sensor at 1/2.6″ is 40% larger than the G3’s sensor. Optical Image Stabilization works on 2º instead of just 1º. The G4’s color spectrum sensor recognizes both light and objects, understanding the ambient light as you see it and adjusting the photo accordingly. It also able to read both RGB and infrared. You can launch the camera in 0.6 seconds. Double tap volume down button from off to take a picture.
LG G4 launch camera
New camera with color spectrum sensor
LG has put the power of photography in the user’s hands with a simple mode for the camera, auto mode, and the manual mode. Manual mode means you can have longer shutter speeds — capture “light trails” with exposures up to 30 seconds. Saving as RAW allows for more advanced editing — RAW stores the data about exactly how much light each pixel received. MicroSD slot here for all that media.
Front camera now 8MP and has new gesture shot mode. You can also do the one-hand-clapping twice thing and it takes 4 photos spaced one second apart. How cool! So you can get your poses right which is important selfie action.

 The User Experience (UX 4.0)

LG’s new UX delivers a simple, smart user experience and the phone maker calls its UX 4.0 a “human-centric UX”.

LG’s smart notice will tell you what apps are using power when you’re not actually using the phone. The gallery has a memories view that groups events, as well as a timeline that lets you view by day, week, and month.
Smart Notice notifications bring more useful and personal alerts. And Quick Help will make it easier to get around the phone if you don’t know how to get around the phone. Smart Notice notifications bring more useful and personal alerts. And Quick Help will make it easier to get around the phone if you don’t know how to get around the phone. LG has partnered with Google and has integrated Google Drive deeper into the device, so when you buy a G4, you will get 100GB on Google Drive for 2 years. Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides preinstalled. G4 will be getting MirrorLink auto in the next update, will work with VW cars.

 LG G4 launch

The LG G4 will come running the Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor unlike the 810 that is found the current flagships like HTC One M9. The company says its optimal mix of performance and power efficiency. The LTE radio supports downloads up to 450Mbps assuming you can find a network that offers it. It also has a state-of-the-art graphics thanks to the Adreno 400-series GPU, 20% faster than previous generation, designed for QHD displays. It also uses sensor-assisted GPS for more accurate navigation. The new phone will come with a 3000 mAh removable battery that can last you a full day of use. There is no release date and pricing announced.
Image Credit: Android Central