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[/blockquote]The soothing ballads, loud kidandali, cracking Kadongo Kamu and  plethora of genres have made a killing within the editorial ranks of Techjaja.  The artistry in music is one they can’t ignore, whether they’re debugging code or penning articles and as so, this intriguing piece was given birth to, solely to give you a sneak peak into their musical lives..

Whereas I am typing this paragraph on the go, Afrojack is aloud in my ears and with me comes the “don’t mess with me” attitude to the neighbor next door. Dude, I hear nothing of what you’re saying, it is EDM speaking to me now and always does.  To Afrojack I add Skrillex, Zedd himself and the self imposed King of EDM Tiesto (I didn’t vote for you Tiesto) plus a whole bunch of EDM DJs. Did I just forget Calvin Harris? Oops, he deserves a mention too.


Remmie’s Music take
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To this newfound craze love for EDM I add Hiphop/RnB, a genre I’ve loved since day zero! I bounced to it before I ever graced this scolding earth from my mother’s  womb. My list includes all time old school favorites, new school hits and anything pretty damn pop. On the contrary not every rapper or crooner makes it to my list, the few that made it should be lucky. It’s such a long list to compile but here are a few that survived  the axe;

  • Hold You Down – Jennifer Lopez Ft Fat Joe
  • Where is the love? – The Black Eyed Peas.
  • Losin’ it- R.City.
  • Empire State of Mind – Jay Z & Alicia Keys.
  • Crooked Smile – J. Cole

Since I am born of the pearl, there is no way I can give local acts a cold shoulder. Bebe Cool gets my groove on, same regards are extended towards Juliana Kanyomozi*, Maurice Kirya, Radio & Weasel, Naava Grey, Ruyonga & St. Nelly Sade. And to those missing on this list, I much appreciate your efforts.

I didn’t walk alone though, let us  hear from the other editors;

The sarcastic me: It turns out we have no punks, metalheads, house lovers and alike at Tech jaja! Should I assume you listen to some sort of zombie genres? Where are the babs, beliebers?


 Roger Bambino: Seems to like it all

You have really put me on the spot you man, okay but I will be more generic in this one. I have pretty mainstream tastes, I would prefer to have a premium music subscription on services like Spotify but we can’t access it in Uganda. (damn them) plus I am still waiting for the Android version of Apple Music if that ever comes. I mainly listen on my Phone, right now with offline playlists. I’ve also got a few random albums and mixes downloaded elsewhere (I won’t cite my sources for now), and I listen to them in times of dire necessity, although they’re mainly the usual RnB tracks, Old school, Jazz,  HipPop and some Jamaican music when I feel irie.

Of recent, I have also developed a unique taste for Ugandan music, especially if it’s well produced. Although am not a fan of their personal lives, I feel Radio and Weasel have great music, Bebe Cool as well (of course not all his music). Well not, forgetting our usual Ugandan club banger Music. When it comes to female artists Juliana Kanyomozi’s music is number one for me. I don’t know if people notice this but Rema Namakula has very powerful vocals it’s a shame is wasting them to appease the local market.

Lastly, Nigerian music seems to give me the “nodding disease” whenever it plays”.


Me: Well I guess Rema has heard her number one fan Roger cry out loud,so she should shoot for the stars. And you Farooq,what’s your take on this ?


Farooq: Interesting Mix from our in house Geek turned song slut

Me: Sup

Farooq: Forgive me I’m a song slut, but let me try.

  • Let me love you- Mario ( all time favorite)
  • The Sound- Davido ft Uhuru and DJ Buckz
  • Nakupenda- Diamond Platnumz ft Iyanya
  • Hold you down – DJ Khaled ft Chris Brown, Jeremih,etc
  • Memories- A Pass ft Lillian
  • Zero distance- Anita Da Diva


Me: Indeed the zero distance combined with such memories is one you ought not forget while holding her down screaming Nakupenda as if you didn’t love her at first.



Boyde Migisha: Did he just throw in Paul Kafeero?
  • Nntongo – Mesach Ssemakula
  • Oswadde nnyo – Afrigo Band
  • I’m walking – Swoope
  • Abako Mugyebare – Prince Paul Kafeero
  • Ojuelegba – Kaligraph Jones.


Me: Indeed



Victor Tinka: Am surprised there is no security related (read as Askari) song

And then came the latino prince. Salutem from Victor Tinka, only Spaniards and those living south of the United States can better translate this;

  • Bailando – Enrique Iglesias
  • Eres Mia – Romeo Santos
  • El Amor – Tito “El Bambino”
  • Amor Prohibido – Selena
  • Soy de Rancho – El Komander


Me: Hey Viola and Marjo I’m coming up shortly.


Viola Nuwaha: This girl has taste

Hey Remmie, here is my playlist;

  • Strong Girl – African Women All Star
  • Walking on Star – Group 1 Crew
  • Drinks on Me – Abel Chungu Musuku
  • Don’t Waste Your Life – Lecrae
  • The Heart Wants What It Wants – Selena Gomez


Marjo S:A cool Mishmash of Genres

These may not be my favorite  songs but you’ll definitely find them on my playlist.

  • Queen- Longombas (I love this one)
  • I promise you – Cece Winans (I’ve always dreamed of doing this for my first wedding dance)
  • Just the way you are – Bruno Mars(brings back a lot of memories)
  • Say the word – Hillsong United
  • Ichitemwiko – Abel Chungu
  • Captain – hillsong United
  • Helena – David Lutalo and Radio n Weasel


Robert Sebunya: Has it all figured out

My kind of music is pretty as random as the word random can go.

  • Money No be Problem -Sarkodie
  • Katikitiki -Angela Kalule
  • Cry Me A River -Justin Timberlake
  • Ichitemwiko – Abel Chungu
  • Changes-2pac Niwe-Toniks Allan


So there you have it.

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