The LG G5 is a new flagship smartphone with a pack of semi-modular add-ons


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[/blockquote]New year comes with new flagship smartphones, and today LG has unpacked its latest device the LG G5, a monster powerhouse of a phone whose specs have come to out shine any other smartphone in 2016. It’s made of an aluminum-clad body and has a striking resemblance to Google’s Nexus 6P. LG’s fingerprint scanner is positioned in the same spot as the 6P’s Nexus Imprint, and the G5’s camera module also protrudes ever so slightly from the body. Just like the Nexus 6P the LG G5 is also anodized in aluminum and available in silver and gold colorways, and both have beautiful, high-resolution (2560 x 1440) IPS display and the G5 has 5.3 inches.

The G5’s performance is designed for 2016 standards, with Qualcomm’s new top-tier Snapdragon 820 chipset, which is accompanied by 4GB of RAM. LG now actually offers two cameras at the back: a regular 16-megapixel imager and a 135-degree wide angle 8-megapixel camera. These can be used as individual shooters — with the latter offering a wider, more panoramic view to better capture grand architecture or sweeping vistas — or they can work together to create some fun combinations and layering. Switching between the two cameras is super quick, and together with LG’s established strength in imaging and camera software, I feel very positively inclined toward this change.

Gone is the app-drawer


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No more App Drawer on the LG G5’s UI

LG has now joined Huawei and other Chinese Android OEMs and have Xeroxed the iPhone’s home-screen concept and have done away with the app drawer. LG explains that the decision will hlep  eliminate the confusion between removing an app shortcut (from the home screen) and uninstalling the app altogether (from the app drawer). Now it’s a single-layer interface, which will prove more familiar to iPhone users. The new User Interface (UI) sits on-top of Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

LG the G5 has 32GB of on-board storage, a microSD expansion slot, USB-C, a removable 2,800mAh battery, a maximum thickness of 8mm, and 900 nits of display brightness. LG wants to make the phone more fun a slew of several modular adds-ons, which LG calls its Friends. We mean the LG G5’s friends.

The Modular Add-ons

LG G5 modular accessories

The LG G5’s Cam Plus, LH Hi-Fi Plus and extra battery power

LG G5 modular cameraTwo of these new accessories plug directly into the LG G5’s bottom. The first plug-in module is the LG Cam Plus, which offers an enlarged camera grip for single-handed photography and also contains extra battery power. This Friend is decorated with a physical shutter button, a dedicated video recording key, an LED indicator, and a very satisfying jog dial to control zoom on the G5. You’re still using the two cameras built into the phone itself, but this extra part essentially reshapes the device and gives it extra juice to keep going for 15 percent longer, expanding the battery from 2,800mAh to 4,000mAh.

Second is the LG Hi-Fi Plus is an external 32-bit DAC and amplifier combo unit, tuned in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen. This module doesn’t really affect the shape or ergonomics of the G5.Also making their debut today are the LG 360 Cam and LG 360 VR headset. The camera is a dual-sensor spherical camera that captures either 16-megapixel stills or up to 2K video and will have immediate support from YouTube 360 and Google Street View.

Rounding off the G5’s Friends set is the LG Rolling Bot. This is LG’s take on the Sphero ball, offering a toy bot that can be controlled via the phone and used for things like home monitoring and messing with your pets while you’re away. With an integrated camera, speakers, microphone, and laser pointer, the Rolling Bot is pitched as both a fun gizmo and a practical way to exercise your pets (just have Snoopy chasing the laser for a quick lunchtime workout).


LG Rolling Bot