The latest WhatsApp update lets you know if your messages have been read


We are thousands of WhatsApp users in the world, and for those who hate being spied on may not like this upcoming feature that is rolling into the app soon. According to 9to5Mac, the app will now light up its double-check marks blue when a message has been read.

WhatsApp double tick

It’s a common misconception that most WhatsApp users have, we seem to misinterpret the double check marks next to messages to show that a message has been looked at, which is not the case.

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Actually, the double check marks simply mean a message has been received by the other user (the single check only tells you the message reached WhatsApp’s servers). The blue coloring adds a third layer of information, as an updated FAQ will confirm.

For those who are curious, you would also long press on a message to access a ‘Message Info‘ screen, to give you details of  the times when the message was received, read or played. You should start receiving the new read receipts so long as you have the newest version of WhatsApp for both iOS and Android.


Source: 9to5Mac