The iOS 7 Black screen of death to get a fix soon

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Not everything is perfect, even the worlds most popular Smartphones OSes sometimes miss the mark of perfection. According to Mashable , Apple has confirmed that it’s aware of a bug that causes devices running iOS 7 to randomly reset for no evident reason. Now the trick is how to fix something whose cause is unknown, as users say that the issue has existed since the launch of iOS 7 and has persevered even after Apple ironed out other issues with various software updates.

The Black screen of death

The iPhone maker has confirmed that a fix is on the way for the “home screen crash” that leads to it’s devices going through a soft reset without warning. It’s also been coined the “black screen of death”  as it displays the a black background with the Apple logo that users see when a device initially turned on. (The screen is white if you’re using a white iOS device.) One of the worst thing to happen to anyone is those annoying device resets when you are playing a game or answering an important call. We still have no date when our iOS7 will get a fix for this issue.